Weightloss Treatment With Xenical

xenical weight loss treatmentXenical is a weight loss pill that works wonders for people who are dedicated and have a strict will to lose weight. This pill is often regarded as one of the best diet pills. Many people are very eager to get this pill online as it will help them to get their hands on the pill very easily and they can get it delivered to their home.

Although this pill increases the rate of weight loss in people, technically its function is to prevent a person from putting on extra weight. So, if this pill is coupled with a diet that is less in calories and only has 30 % fat content in it, the weight loss is about 50 % within the first few months.

Although it does not have a large spectrum of side effects, it does cause people to have conditions such as oily stools or loose stools, discharge of oil on the undergarments, increase in the frequency of bathroom visits, stool containing an orange coloured soil.

All these consequences are a result of this pill excluding all the fats from the body. Besides, these are good signs because it proves that the medicine is working properly for you. These side effects however need to subside after a while, if not, you must consult a doctor.

Working of Xenical

  • It basically contains a compound called orlistat which works on the fat content that is present in the food an individual consumes.
  • Its core function is to prevent the body from absorbing the fat that is present in the food.
  • Xenical diet pills starts working from the intestines where the fat is immediately blocked from being absorbed and is sent to the excretory organs to be released out of the body.
  • So, this minimizes the number of calories that are absorbed by the body and as a result the body has to rely on the fat reserves to get the energy.
  • This act in turn facilitates weight loss. This is the way this diet pill helps to reduce significant weight in a very less time.

How to take xenical diet pills safely?

  • Safe consumption of this pill is very important for the weight loss to be fast and significant.
  • A 120 mg dose of this pill is usually taken right before meal or 1 hour before or after meal.
  • The pill can be taken up to three times a day depending on one’s lifestyle.
  • It should only be taken if the food actually has some fat content in it.
  • Taking the pill right is very important to minimize xenical side effects.

Right way to consume xenical

  • One can only buy Xenical online in the dosage strength of 120 mg.
  • The only way to make it work for different people is to increase the dosing frequency.
  • But one must not increase the frequency as per their judgment.
  • This would lead to an overdose of the medicine.
  • So, they must consult a doctor before making the dose adjustments and getting the right xenical dosage.

Are xenical diet pills FDA approved?

Yes, these prescription diet pills were approved by the FDA in the year 1999 for the management of obesity. But it is only approved for adults who are over 18 years old. At present, there is also an over the counter generic version of the pill named Alli, which was also approved by the FDA in the year 2007. But FDA has approved both brand and generic versions under the condition that they should be used in conjunction with a diet that is low in calories and fat. Typically, it is better to cut down 500 calories per day.

Diet Pills - Meridia Vs Xenical

Meridia is another weight loss pill that is also acclaimed by people. Although both these pills work towards the same goal, the way they work is fundamentally different. Meridia is an appetite suppressant while Xenical blocks the fat from being absorbed to the body. People can choose either pill depending on their convenience.

However, Meridia is known to produce more serious side effects compared to the latter because it is slightly more effective than Xenical in reducing the weight. But Xenical along with weight reduction is also known to greatly reduce the cholesterol levels in the body.

In addition, it also improves the blood glucose control. Some patients who are on orlistat noticed their blood pressure to go lower, regardless of whether they are afflicted with hypertension or not. Meridia on the other hand is known to increase the blood pressure in people.

There is also another benefit of using Xenical. It does not cause any cardiovascular side effects hence even people with pre-existing heart problems can consume this pill. But one aspect in which orlistat falls behind is how fast shows the result. It takes 12 weeks to see some changes with Xenical whereas Meridia only needs 4 weeks to show the effect.