Weight Loss And Diabetes

weight loss and diabetesWeight loss is always a hot topic that never loses momentum. Be it newspaper or the online world, one will always come across the phrases “fast weight loss tips” and “food for weight loss”. People of all social strata have a wish to slim down and maintain a slender figure. Taking weight loss pills is a giant leap towards reaching this goal. Not to say that there are no other ways, because weight loss can also be achieved by million other ways like exercising regularly, changing the lifestyle and diet pattern and opting for surgeries. But among all these approaches, weight loss pills is be a good option to consider because it would not be as expensive as a surgery and for sure it provides more weight loss that what is achieved solely by changing the food and incorporating an exercise regimen. Weight loss pills facilitate fast weight reduction by supporting people to reduce the amount of food they consume and by helping them sticking to the routine they make. So weight loss pills can be of good assistance in an individual’s journey to weight loss.

Primarily weight loss medicines belong to three categories. These include appetite suppressants, fat blockers and fat burners. Depending on the type of obesity a person has, they can choose either of these pills to get back to their optimum weight. Appetite suppressants in general are known to produce fewer side effects because they only trick the brain into thinking that the stomach is full. As a result an individual consumes fewer calories. But there is no struggle in limiting the food intake because they naturally feel full with less amount of food. These types of pills also help a person to have fewer cravings so they don’t have to feel depressed about not having their favorite food. The second type of weight loss pills which are fat blockers are also employed by many people because they tend to provide slightly faster weight reduction than appetite suppressants.

Unexplained Weight Loss - Can be a side effect of diabetes

Excessive fat gain is typically associated with having diabetes but so can losing weight unexpectedly be a sign of this condition. Once people reach a certain age, the norm is to either gain or lose a few pounds. The term unexplained weight loss is used when the person suddenly starts to lose weight for no apparent reason. There are many illnesses that can cause this problem and diabetes is one among them.

Diabetes is classified as type 1 and type 2. The kind of burning calories that is mentioned here is more commonly seen with the former, although the latter can also have the same issues with weight. Those who are already thin are also like to have this problem if they are ill with type 1 diabetes. If there are any signs of burning calories of at least 10 pounds or more without actually exercising or dieting, then this needs to be checked so that the doctor can find out what is wrong. Detecting a condition like diabetes in the early stages can help tremendously to in maintaining a relatively healthy lifestyle and managing the condition easily.

Why does unexplained weight loss occur in someone with diabetes?

It should be noted that the unexpected loss in fat in diabetic patients is just one of the many symptoms of the condition. The individuals with type 1 diabetes experience unexplained weight loss because the lack of sufficient insulin levels in the blood cells to be converted into energy, and this causes the body to use the stored fat and muscles as fuel. This results in rapidly using overall body weight. The individual might think that a little loss in body fat is a good thing, but it is one of the surest signs that mean you have to get your health checked immediately.

You should ideally think about talking to your doctor if you have lost 10 to 15 pounds or more in just a few months. You would be required to take a thorough physical exam to rule out all the possibilities of conditions for which losing weight suddenly is a symptom.

What are the other diabetes symptoms to watch out for?

Uncontrolled diabetes wherein you lose your fat unexpectedly will make it very difficult to gain back any of the lost fat. You would have to focus more on ensuring that the condition is brought under control and that your insulin levels are brought to the correct limit. You would definitely be put on a medication schedule to manage the problem. This would also include healthy eating habits so that you do not lose weight further.

Unexplained weight loss is not the only symptom of this problem that you would have. Check for any other signs of the condition like itchy skin, excessive urination, unusual fatigue, changes in vision, unknown changes in mood, taking longer than usual for cuts or wounds to heal, excessive feelings of thirst or hunger, and yeast infections to name some of them.

Even if you do not have diabetes, checking your issues with the doctor can help detect far more severe health problems like HIV/AIDS and cancer. Just know that losing fat like this is not normal and should be checked by a medical professional without further delay.