Tramadol success stories

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Get to know what people have experienced and realized about Tramadol medication and reading below-mentioned review may helpful for you start or continue the treatment with Tramadol. 

Jodi Hansen, 42 years old

My dog was stung by a honey bee recently, and he suffered from heavy pain, immediately I brought him to veterinarian doctor, the doctor prescribed little dosage of Tramadol for dog. And suggest continuing this treatment for one week. Currently, my dog seems to be happy, and he does not show any pain symptoms after this medication.

Robert Walker, 30 years old

I’m a 46-year-old and suffered from depression. I have tried all sorts of benzodiazepines medications but nothing helped or alleviated my depression. My psychiatrist prescribed 50 mg Tramadol for depression, and I have been taking it for more than 8 months, till now I have not experienced any side effects. However, sometimes I do an experience headache and drowsiness which are common and not serious as well. Really! Thanks to this wonderful medication.

Brad C. Hefley, USA

I was put on Tramadol for back pain and some interesting thing happened. I saw I felt more vitality and general prosperity. I had felt somewhat discouraged throughout the years and attempted a couple of meds under the doctor guidance, but none appeared to work efficiently for my back pain. I had surgery, and was given Tramadol medication. Once this medication alleviated my pain, I stopped the use of the drug with little nervous because I have heard some horrifying stories about withdrawal symptoms of Tramadol. But I have not experienced any symptoms even after the complete stop of the medication. Whenever I felt pain, simply buy Tramadol online to treat it immediately. This medication never gave me a high feeling as like other opiate medications.

Linda, New York

I took Tramadol for a headache. I previously suffered a lot with a headache and its associated depression. I tried Tramadol 50mg one pill at noon and one pill at bedtime. Now, am completely out of a headache, the drug pulled me out the depression as well. It works great.

Javier M Oller, Australia 

"Tramadol 100mg was prescribed for a knee injury. I attempted a wide range of SSRI, tricyclics, SDRI and so on. Every one of them had after effects so inconvenient that it made me more discouraged. Obviously, the alleged specialists need to give you more medications to counter the after effects at the same time asserting you’re a marginal heroin someone who is addicted at the same time having no clue what is causing the wretchedness at the same time proposing it's all just censured idea processes. Thank goodness I have arthritic knees. After the intake of Tramadol, depression has completely gone. I have been taking 50mg dosage once in every day for a considerable length of time. Works extraordinary.

William, UK

I have used Tramadol for diabetes pain since last year. But every time while taking this drug, I felt more relaxed and a great relief from my diabetes pain. I felt like nothing anyone's ever seen no torment and needing to get pretty and get things done with my family. I asked my healthcare professional to prescribe the best medication for my diabetes pain management, he recommended Tramadol, really it works better and gets back together. I vow to God this drug is extraordinary for pain condition.

Angeles G McKee, Norway

If Tramadol was not developed, I don’t know what I would do to manage my pain ailment. It saved my life.

Andrea E. Bemis, 36 years old

"I have been under the Treatment of Tramadol for one year now. My doctor prescribed to take this pain reliever medication for injury caused by accident. I have tried plenty of painkiller medications like codeine, Methadone, Morphine and etc but ended with addiction or abuse. And I suffered from side effects as well. The only medication which worked really for injury pain is Tramadol. However, sometimes it caused erectile problems. It treats alleviates pain extraordinarily but caused difficulty in ejaculation.

 Ferdinand, England 

I would say this medication is very useful for pain because I experienced it. I have a chronic condition of degenerative disc disease, and migraines. I take Tramadol 50mg pills two times per day. It really works efficiently. The only thing, I hate about this medication is awful side effects such as buzzing and vibration in my head. However, these side effects occur when I missed taking dosage otherwise the drug works effectively.

Gary, 29 years old

Thumbs up for this amazing pain reliever medication, Tramadol! I was recommended to take Tramadol 100mg for abdominal pain once daily. I realized that my energy level is increased tremendously and felt younger than ever before. Thanks to this amazing pain medication.

Danny Barns, USA

I would suggest Tramadol XR version for individuals who are suffering from severe pain ailments. The XR version is truly a 24 hours pain relief medication, I used to take Tramadol 100mg XR tablet every night before going to bed and get to wake up without any pain sensation. I have taken many painkiller medications such as muscle relaxers, injections, creams, and other opiates medications as well. Tramadol is the one and only medication which perfectly cured my pain condition and it is totally a side effect free medication.

Jose M Rogers, USA

Today I went to my specialist, and he shot me in the butt with some Tramadol to enable my body to torment. Without precedent for a long time I have been in a decent state of mind, feel amazingly normal and to great degree content. I take Zoloft for pain as well as depression, and it serves to some extent. However, this stuff influences me to overlook what wretchedness even is. I am staring at the television and grinning, this is the best state of mind lifter I have ever had, thus so for relief from pain

Tiffany G Stewart, Canada

Though never clinically affected by pain, I found the intense symptom of Tramadol while taking 150 mg/day for chronic sciatica. The unwavering pain worsened my health condition; however, Tramadol dependably helped me keep up an idealistic, cheery state of mind. Three years of Tramadol, I never needed to increase the dose for the coveted impact. The drawback is that it regularly meddled with sleep so I found an early afternoon sleep fundamental.