How can Kratom help with Diabetes?

Kratom is one of the natural supplements out there that is used by millions of people around the world for the treatment of various disorders and ailments. Every single day, at least 25% of the population search for Kratom and Kratom related products to relieve themselves from pain, increase energy levels and to treat the condition of opiate withdrawal. There are many other benefits too which pulls people closer to Kratom on a large basis. Ordering best Kratom has become a easy way for the people in the US.

Kratom is not a plant drug that surfaced the medical industry in the last decade, but its existence can be traced back to centuries where the special herb belonging to the coffee plant family was used by the natives for its therapeutic and recreational properties. The powerful alkaloids that go by the name Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine bind with the opioid receptors of the brain to bring about pain relief and enhance mood and energy. With people switching to Kratom to treat various other diseases and disorders, one particular health condition that millions of people suffer without a cure is diabetes.

The condition of diabetes can be seen widely in most people living in the Southeast Asian regions. And it isn’t surprising that Kratom originates from the countries in the Southeast Asian region and that it was used for the treatment of diabetes commonly in those regions after the discovery.

How can Kratom help with Diabetes?

One needs to understand what diabetes is and how this condition arises to realize how Kraom could serve the purpose. Type-2 diabetes is mostly found in people who don’t have insulin in their body cells to transport the sugars. Kratom contains certain alkaloids that aid in the production of insulin in the body so that it enables the body to function normally.

Though there is a proven link between Kratom and the condition of diabetes, most pharmaceutical companies show no interest towards the creation of a potential drug that could provide a solution to diabetes. On deeper introspection, one can realize that the lack of interested is motivated by the profits that the whole pharma industry thrives on. Diabetes has turned out to be the health risk that can be deadly and gave over the years. It allows all these pharma giants to make loads of money with the various drugs prescribed for diabetes. With a condition like Type-2 Diabetes, most of the shareholders get profited and if this scenario is reversed, it could prove to be dangerous for all these money-minded companies.

It will in turn lead to the loss of billions of dollars, since condition like diabetes requires various additional treatments along with prescription, doctor’s fees, sugar testing strips, metformin and syringes.  Also, Kratom is natural herb that can’t be patented by pharma companies out there and hence they stay away from any research on Kratom. Though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises against the use of medications for diabetes and encourages patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle, most people tend to get attached to the medications since they want their problem to be arrested as quick as possible. For example, the use of Metformin is on the rise now, since people living busy lives can’t dedicate time for a healthy lifestyle. Hence, they stick to these prescriptions for the relief they obtain at that particular moment.

Kratom possesses the qualities to arrest the condition of diabetes and help people who have been having a hard time with this devastating health condition. This quality was researched by the DEA that Kratom could help with effective weight loss in users. However, they also criticize the side effects caused by Kratom, though it could be beneficial to those people who suffer from Diabetes. Kratom has in itself the property to curb down appetite, reduce the cravings for food and it can also help with the transport of blood sugars in people who lack insulin. With the necessary qualities to help people with diabetes, Kratom is not being given importance by most powerful people due to various self-centered reasons.

Due to the lack of research, Kratom is being projected as a deadly drug that could produce harmful effects on people. This is the main aim of the drug industry so that every needy person out there is robbed off the opportunity to get their hands on Kratom, making them completely dependent on drugs. Though Kratom is banned in some Southeast Asian countries, it is still being widely recognized as a potent plant drug there, benefitting millions of people living in those countries. With rising popularity, the special herb is rocketing high even in the West, with many people showing their patronage for this plant. Are these reasons not enough for the agencies and industries to initiate a deep research on Kratom so that millions of people all over the world will be benefitted?