Getting Tramadol without Prescription? How and Where?

As U.S. Food and Administration enlisted Tramadol under the category of controlled substance; prescription-only drug, Tramadol cannot be bought without prescription anywhere. Even if you are trying to purchase this pain reliever medication without a prescription, that considered to be an illegal action and you need to face the legality issues.

With that in mind, get a prescription from a doctor who specialized in treating pain condition and then go for Tramadol purchase. Since the drug is available in both local retails shops and online pharmacies, you can buy it from anywhere, but opting for online stockiest is a hassle-free process and also they provide lots of benefits to their customers when compared to retails shops.

Tramadol without prescription is not possible?

Well, it is really not possible however some illegitimate online as well as retails shops may be offering this pain reliever medication without a prescription, but they are not original pills. Due to fake or counterfeit pills, you will face consequences which are very dangerous to your health condition. Henceforth, get a prescription and alleviate your pain with the help of Tramadol.

Possible ways to get prescription for Tramadolperson approaching doctor to get Tramadol online prescription

You may not be interested to get prescription from professional healthcare physician due to the expensiveness of the medication. In such cases, individuals can opt for online pharmacies because they have the service of online consultation which is totally cost-free.

Want to know more details about online prescription service process? Read the following steps which explain each and every step of getting Tramadol online doctor medical script.

Step 1

Individuals first need to open or create account with online pharmacies by providing their personal details. Sometimes people do not likely to reveal their personal details due to certain issues but here they use it for identification as well as security purpose so no need to worry about it.

Step 2

Fix an appointment with available pain specialized physician to checkup your health and medical condition. Before that, submit your previous medical condition history if you have or fill the form which displayed on the page. The medical questionnaire form consists of some question with respect to pain symptoms that you have experience, age, sex, how long you have been suffering from pain and so on. Make sure that you have answered all the questions truly because the doctor will take further action after a quick go through of your either medical questionnaire or medical history.

Step 3

Once your doctor familiarized with your ailment condition, he or she will make a video call or email chat to move the second level health check-up to ensure that really you need Tramadol medication for your pain ailment. During that video call or email chat, he or she asks some questions with respect to pain symptoms and other health issues.

Step 4

After the completion of the health check-up, the doctor will prescribe the exact dosage strength by considering the severity of the pain and how your health can react to the dosage strength. In this way, you can get online doctor’s prescription for Tramadol.

Treat your pain with obtained prescription

With the help of this prescribed Tramadol script, you can purchase it from both retail shops and online pharmacies. Some online drug shops may charge for this prescription but it will be relatively very lesser than getting the same medical script from neighborhood doctor.


Online doctor prescribe drug script for either brand formulation or generic formulation so that you can purchase only one formulation. For example, if your online doctors provided the prescription for Generic Tramadol, you can buy only generic Tramadol. With that in mind, during the online consultation discuss with your doctor about your type of medication like brand or generic.