Relation between Diabetes and Erectile dysfunction

Men with diabetes get affected by erectile dysfunction at higher rates. Thirty to seventy percent of men who has diabetes would get ED. This is relatively very much high for sure. This means that there is a relation between diabetes and impotency which we are going to look in detail in this article.

Diabetic men with ED

When you are affected by diabetes it is sure that it would pave way for many ailments in the body and impotency is one such condition among it. Erection is a very complex process. To get an erection man need to have healthy nerves, vessels and sexual arousal in the body.

People with diabetic might have any issue in this and find it very difficult to get an erection. Sometimes the medications that you take to treat diabetes would also cause impotence in you.

Once you have got diabetes it is a must that you talk to the doctor about ways to control this condition and prevent erectile dysfunction from happening.

What should you do if you got erectile dysfunction?

It is a must that you have to incorporate healthy habits into your life. Eat right, avoid smoking, do not consume excessive alcohol and be at an ideal weight.

You have to exercise daily at least for half an hour. Apart from this, you have to rectify the underlying reason for impotency.

Are there any treatment methods for diabetic men with ED?

Yes, there are so many therapy options that you can follow to get an erection. The easiest way would be to take impotency pills like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These are some of the commonly used drugs by people and the success rate is also very much high.

Vacuum pumps, intracavernosal injection and intraurethral application are some of the other non-oral treatments available for a person.

Which is the best treatment for diabetic patients to treat impotence?

There are many people who get treated for impotency. Depending on the tolerance and severity of the condition the treatment method is chosen. Your doctor would be the right person to choose the best therapy for your condition.

Do not get worried if you are affected by diabetes because there are many therapies out there which can be taken if you want to get treated for impotency. It is sure that you can again get an erection because of it.