Difference between Xenical generic and Xenical brand

Xenical, generically known as Orlistat. It is generally used to treat obesity by the way that it prevents the body from absorbing the fat from the food. By absorbing the fat generic Orlistat helps you to lose the weight.

According to the study, it has been clinically proven that the medicine helps you to lose the weight 50% more than the dieting.

Moreover, the brand works as same as the generic does. There are some slight differences between the later and former. But the cost of the later is less when compared to branded one.

Major difference in Brand Xenical and Generic Xenical.

There are some factors in which differentiates the former and later version.

Manufacturing process:

Firstly, when we take considering the manufacturing process into consideration, the generic version is manufactured by small size companies in which they could take post expiration of the patent. The brand version of Xenical have gone through various researchers and also approved by FDA.

Active ingredients:

The active ingredients in both the versions are identical. Both have the ingredients of gastrointestinal lipase inhibitors which prompt for obesity management that acts by inhibiting the absorption of dietary fats.

The brand version pills generally available as 120mg capsules but the generic Xenical (Orlistat) comes in different strengths and forms as well.

Physical Appearance of the pills:

Another difference that can be easily identified physically is the appearance of the pills. Generally, the brand pill is available in the blue color and is imprinted as Roche Xenical 120 on it. Though the branded pill has available in the form of dose 120 mg and also it has various inactive ingredients within it. The Generic pill which has the same effects as the branded one but the appearance of the pill differ from the branded one. The available strength of generic medication is 100mg and has lessened active ingredients when compared to Branded Xenical.

Cost of the drug:

This is the most important factor which differentiates the former and later. The generic versions of are cheaper than that of a branded version as these small manufacturers have not involved in the research process as the branded Xenical has. Not only the research work, the ingredients which is adding to the drugs also taken into consideration while fixing the price of those drugs. Also, the online pharmacies are offering cheaper prices of generic Xenical as they purchase directly from the manufacturing companies and sells to the consumers so, therefore, eliminating the distributors, stockist and retailers costs.

Henceforth, the later and former versions of these pills come into existence in the online market. So it is necessary to choose the right pharmacy to buy Xenical pills, as there is a high chance of procuring the counterfeit pills.