Difference between Soma generic and Soma brand

soma vs carisoprodolThe generic name of Soma is Carisoprodol. Both Carisoprodol and Soma belong to a category muscle relaxant and it helps to block the pain sensations between the nerves and brains. The method of working and the output provide by generic and brand Soma is same. However, there are differences that should be noted are listed below:

Manufacturing process difference:

When a generic and brand form is manufactured and produced, a small amount of variations occurs during their manufacturing process. The variation includes its color, size, shape, taste and the way medication is packed and discharged to the customers. These few minor parameters are accepted. However, these overall process will not it is effectiveness. Both these medications are manufactured under the same quality standards. They should show the proof and explain they are processed step by step to the FDA before it is approved and brought to the market. This is because generic and brand should produce the same result.

Thus, these minor differences will not affect the effectiveness of both forms of medications. It is safe to the purchase Soma in the generic version as compared to brand. Because the FDA will keep track and monitor safety issues related to drugs and the effects it produced by both the forms of drugs before and after it is produced in the market.

Active Ingredients present:

The Active Ingredients present in Carisoprodol are same as Soma. As a result, the working ways and output produced is same, so the risk associated with it like side effects and adverse effects produced by medicines will also be alike. The ingredients present should have a common form of dosages and concentrations should be included. The way medications are taken should also be the same form like when a generic is taken in tablet, capsules, injection or liquid form it’s should also be taken in the same way. The inactive ingredients present can be different in drugs.

Difference in Appearance:

When it comes to appearance Soma generic looks different in comparing with Soma brand. Though the ingredients present and working of medicine are same, small variations in characteristics of medications such as size, shape, color, and flavors will not affect its effectiveness, safety measures, and benefits provided by them.

Cost less in Carisoprodol:

One of the major differences between Carisoprodol and Soma is its cost. The cost of generic is lesser when compared to the brand-version of medications. The reasons for this price variation is that Brand variation of medications cannot replicate the generic variation due to patent issues arising thereof, testing methods are not necessary to be repeated with animals and humans again and again for clinical research. This process is repeated in brand-version to ensure it is better safety and effectiveness of medicines and another important reason is, there are several manufacturing companies are available for this product, which in-turn creates a competition.