Difference between phentermine generic and phentermine brand

phentermine vs adipexPhentermine and Adipex both the medicines act as an appetite suppressant to reduce the weight of obesity peoples. The medication is used along with exercise and diet to treat individuals overweight. There are some common thing which made the difference between the generic and brand version of the Phentermine. One of the important factors is the price range of Adipex is comparatively very lower than that of the brand variant.

Another one is the variations in the drug manufacturing process, appearance, shape, and color. Even though while you finding all these difference in the generic version the standard, effectiveness, and quality of the medicine remains same as the brand formulation. Because both the medications belong to the same weight loss drug family hence the results are same.

Manufacturing process

Phentermine and Adipex are manufactured by using the same active ingredients. Even though the weight loss medication has same active ingredients, both the variants are manufactured separately. For brand formulations required a lot of research to obtain patent rights but whereas, generic required only less amount of research to manufacturing the drug. After manufacture, both drugs are verified by FDA to ascertain that the quality of the manufactured pills. At the end of verification, this pill is brought to market or one can buy phentermine or Adipex online

Same Active ingredients

The active ingredient is amphetamine in both the formulations is same. But the inactive ingredients between those two variants might change but it does not affect the result of the medicine.

Difference in Appearance of the medicine

When you are comparing both the generic and brand variants then you can find the color and shape difference in each and every dosages of the medicine. This is because to avoid confusion for the individual those who are taking generic and brand version tablets. There is nothing particular about the color and shape it totally depends on the drug manufacturer.

Price difference between the Adipex and Phentermine

You can find the price of Adipex is lower than that of Phentermine in the market. Adipex cost for manufacture as well as research is very low because it does not require any patent rights. But the trademark brand requires highly expensive money to own a patent for the brand medication. Generic drugs are available in the market after a rigorous verification which takes a lot of time period to introduce the new medicine in the market so the manufacturers are providing the drug at a cheaper price.

Which is best to treat weight loss Phentermine or Adipex?

If someone searching for the best weight loss medications then Adipex and Phentermine will be in the top of the list. Because the working mechanisms of the drugs are same and it implies that the result is also same. However, choosing the generic version you can save a lot of money from your pocket. But mostly, Adipex will not be available in local pharmacy so opt for licensed online pharmacies to buy real Adipex online. Finally, to conclude that both the drugs have a few different but it does not affect the weight loss result because as research proves that Adipex and Phentermine give same effective results to their patients while taking the medicine along with diet and exercise.