Difference between meridia generic and meridia brand

meridia generic vs meridia brandMeridia is generally used to the treat obesity which may arise due to several conditions that include high cholesterol, diabetics, high blood pressure. Obesity is the most common problem that most people are facing nowadays. Changes in the food style and aggressive appetite can also fall as the major reason for gaining weight. The severity may worse with the lack of exercise and high fat contented food. It works by reacting with the brain chemicals which affects the weight maintenance. Most reputed doctors will prescribe you to buy Meridia in order to reduce the weight and avoid regaining the lost weight. Well, the medicine is available in both generic and brand forms. Many pharmacies have the stocks of both the version. It is quite natural to raise the question of what is the difference between generic and brand medication? Read the following passages to know more about that in detail.

Manufacturing process

A different manufacturing company will use a different technique to manufacture the drug. The generic version of the pill can be manufactured by different companies. But the former version of Meridia can only be manufactured by the firm which has got the patent rights. Here, Abbott Laboratories is the manufacturer of Brand. Some of the generic drugs are Zelium, Reductil, and Reduxade. Sibutramine is one of the generic drugs available in many countries. The risk of the later version will be the cross combination of different drugs as the corresponding manufacturer will produce much variety of drugs. This is not the same case in the former version. The effect of both types will differ based on the active ingredients which are used to produce.

Active ingredients:

It is obvious, that both the versions are made with few changes in the active ingredients and the composition of the general formula. Brand Meridia would consist of an equal composition of chlorophenyl, cyclobutyl, trimethylbutan and amine. Whereas the ingredients of generic Meridia would vary with the respective manufacturer with few changes in the levels of composition.

Cost variation: Meridia vs Sibutramine:

The manufacturer needs to invest a lot of money to launch the medicine in brand version. Their work includes researching about the chemical formulation for manufacture Meridia, laboratory testing, obtaining the brand name. So, It is self-understood that the brand medicine would cost more than the generic medicines.

Appearance :

The Brand Meridia will come in the appearance of Round Capsule, Tablet, and the color are very commonly available in white and blue. Whereas the generic version will come in the forms of capsule and as a tea.