Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes SymptonsThe existence of diabetes symptoms may be cause for a person to visit a local doctor to be tested for the disease. There are many diabetes signs that can occur from having an elevated blood sugar level and a person who has a high likelihood of the condition will need to learn all possible symptoms to identify the beginning stages of this disease. The most common indication that occurs first often has to do with urination frequency. A person that is starting to develop the problem will feel the need to urinate more often and could complain of feeling hungry or thirsty all of the time.

The second indication usually develops much slower and a person may not even notice them as being distinct problems. One area where a diabetic may not notice the disease is in their vision. The presence of high blood sugar over a longer period of time may actually cause a change in the shape and function of the eyes. When this diabetes sign happens, the person may experience blurred vision or difficulty in achieving correct vision focus. However, when the blood sugar is returned to a normal level, this vision problem usually goes away. In the same manner, another symptom that may not be noticed by the person is a change in how their breath smells, with diabetics often developing breath that smells of acetone.

More serious symptoms of diabetes are present in the stomach and entire gastric system. General abdominal pain is common and many diabetics report that they have periods of nausea and vomiting from time to time. With the increased frequency of urination, these effects could lead to abrupt weight loss. In addition, respiratory symptoms, such as having hyperventilation, may appear. Diabetes symptoms should always be referred to a physician for the appropriate treatment.