Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes PreventionA person that has high-risk factors to be diabetic, such as being obese or a family history of the disease, will need to consult their doctor about taking prevention steps to stop the condition from appearing. However, for some patients, like children who develop type 1 diabetes, there is no real way to prevent the disease and management of this problem will be the best option. On the other hand, people that have risk factors can take a few simple steps and greatly reduce the chances of becoming diabetic.

The first point of advice for diabetes prevention that is often given by doctors is to become more physically active. There are many benefits to having an exercise routine that is followed on a regular basis. A person will not only be able to lower their blood sugar, but they will also change the body's sensitivity to insulin. In addition, to stop obesity from leading to diabetes, the activity will help the person lose weight and gain a greater overall level of health. The connection between diabetics and weight is very real, with some experts estimating that every kilogram of weight that is lost translates to a 16% reduction in the chance of becoming diabetic.

Another tip that is often given to people with a high risk of diabetes is to change their diet. Fiber intake is a major concern and adding more fruits and vegetable to the diet will add soluble fiber, a component that diminishes the risk of developing a diabetic condition. Another diet tip that aids in the prevention is to eat more whole grains rather than refined flour. Whole grain options can be found in many products, such as pasta, cereal, and bread. Employing the best prevention techniques will make possible for a person to be able to avoid the disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle.