Diabetes Diet

Diabetes dietWhile much is understood about the disease, there is a continuous debate over which diabetes diet will produce the most benefits. The common consensus is that any diabetes diet should be high in the levels of dietary fiber, with particular attention paid to the amount of soluble fiber that is ingested. In addition, studies have proven that a diet that has less saturated fats will help to keep the blood sugar more on an even keel. With this in mind, the main disagreement between diabetes experts is about the foods that should be avoided by a person with this disease.

Foods to eat on DiabetesThere are some foods that the experts agree could be damaging to the health of a diabetic and these should be avoided if at all possible. First and foremost, alcohol intake affects a person with the condition much worse than someone with regular bodily blood sugar management. Drinks like beer are not only raising the blood sugar but can also put extra strain on the liver and increase the chances of heart-related problems. In addition, foods that are heavy in sodium or added salts, such as potato chips, may present a specific danger to diabetes patients.

The main area where nutritionists disagree about the diabetes diet is with carbohydrates. The recommendation of the ADA is that no more than seventy percent of calories for a diabetic should come from carbohydrates, but other studies argue that this number should be much lower, around forty percent. At the same time, other studies say that the amount of carbohydrates does not really matter as long as sufficient fiber is ingested on a regular basis. While the issue of carbohydrates for a diabetes diet is still out to lunch, eating foods that are lower on the glycemic index scale has shown positive results in test trials.