Buy Levitra Online

buy levitra onlineLevitra is a well-known erectile dysfunction curing medication prescribed to many men. The active ingredient of Levitra is Vardenafil. It is categorized under PDE5 inhibitor which helps in the relaxation of the muscle. This will increase the blood flow which in turn increases the erection


It is available in both brand and the generic version. It is customer’s choice of buying any type of medication depends on the requirement.

Dosage recommendation:

The various dosage strengths are 2. 5 mg,  5 mg,  10 mg,  20 mg. It depends on the requirement that the doctor will prescribe the correct dosage to the men or impotency.

10mg is the most common dosage level for treating ED. Based on the requirement and the acceptance of the medication in the body you can increase or decrease the level by 20 mg or 5 mg respectively after consulting the doctor.

If you could not feel any effective results with the lower dosage it is advised to consult the physician to increase the dosage strength.

It should be taken once in a day, an hour before the sexual activity.

Precautions before taking Levitra:

  • Before taking this pill it is better to avoid drinking and smoking activity.
  • Avoid taking a grapefruit and high-fat diets. Both will decrease the effect of this medication.
  • If you are not sexually aroused, this pill will not work.
  • Avoid Levitra if you are taking any nitrate medicine as it may lead to a severe side effect.
  • If you are allergic to Vardenafil, and then it is advised not to take this pill.
  • It is necessary to satisfy the age criteria to take this medicine. If you are below 18 years it is strictly not recommended to use Levitra. If you are above 65 years then you may probably start with the lower doses. The high dosage will affect the health at the elder age.
  • If you are not recommended to involve in any sexual activity due to the health problem, then consult your doctor again to ensure that you are good to take this medication or not.

The person with the following health condition is advised to seek the doctor help before taking this pill. It is advised to tell the doctor if you have had an erection or long hours than normal. So, the medication will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Pulmonary heart disease,
  • Kidney problem,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Any surgical history,
  • Any other heart-related diseases.
  • Peyronie's disease.

Side effects of Levitra:

The minor side effects are dizziness, drowsiness. It is advised not to do any physical activity that requires the high level of concentration. For Example, driving vehicle, involved in heavy workouts or stunts, weight lifting etc.

The major side effects are increased in the blood pressure. The active ingredient in Levitra will increase the blood pressure rate after the consumption of some people.

The other major side effects are a vision problem, hearing loss, long erection, stomach pain, bladder pain.

The best place to buy Levitra online:

Though there are many online Levitra selling stores in the market, choosing the best online stores to buy Levitra need some homework.

Buying Levitra online from a legitimate seller will help you to stay away from getting the counterfeit drug. So, it is wise to look for the legal rights that they are holding to supply this medication online. Look for the VIPPS seal in their portals which is recognized by the NABP. The online pharmacies which have this seal are considered as the safe and licensed stores to distribute the drugs in the registered location. This brand drug of Levitra is available at high cost at most of the stores. But many reputed online stores will provide the same drug at a cheap rate.